Total Land : 2 acres, 33 gunthas
Acquired land : only 6 gunthas

1) Balance free land 2 acres, 27 guntha land illegally consumed by Cidco (without acquisition), in lieu whereof, Cidco to either give 2 acres, 27 guntha land with 1 FSI Or Or 72 guntha land with 1.5 FSI
2) 950 sq.mtrs. 12.5% scheme plot, along with multi-crore rupees land acquisition compensation
3) Additionally, 50 sq.mtrs. 12.5% scheme plot in lieu of 6 gunthas acquired land by Cidco
Total allotment of 82 guntha land with 1.5 FSI


Area : 700000 sq.fts.
Base FSI : 1.33 (upto 3.50)
About Land :

Purchase of Land : Land is purchased by the predecessor ancestor of the present inheritor, in the year 1909 vide a registered sale - purchase deed.
Present Title Holder having acquired the title and possession of the land vide a registered islamic Hibanama (gift deed) given by the present legal inheritor of the original landowner.

Development Zone : Land is situated in residential zone of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai's costliest Malabar & Cumbala Hill Division.
Location : Land is located behind Hyderabad Estate, opp. Priyadarshini Park on south Mumbai's prestigeous Nepean Sea Road.
Issue : process of rectification on, to evict false acquisition entry of CPWD from property cards of the land.. the land was never acquired, either from the original landowner or from his successors. Collector is deemed to have accepted the claim of legal ownership of original landowner and his successors by not having replied to two legal notices served by the successor of original landowner and instead, has provided the documents that prove non-acquisition of the said land.
Physical Status of the land :
CPWD, under its fictitious ownership, constructed tenements on about 20% area arising out of the said land, FSI equivalent whereof, can be loaded and consumed on rest vacant area of the land.
* No outside agency allowed to interfere in the ongoing rectification process of the property cards.



About Land

Purchase of Land : 700000 sq.ft. lawfully clear-titled, Arabian Sea facing, hill-lock, scenic, vacant land with FSI upto 3.50, situated in residential zone opp. Priyadarshini Park on Nepean Sea Road in Malabar & Cumbala Hill division of south Mumbai (SoBo), for sale @ 100000 per sq.ft.

* Landowner's demands in Joint Venture Development :
1) 11% of market valuation as adjustable Deposit Or 7% of market valuation as non-refundable, non-adjustable one-time Premium, 33% whereof is payable on MoU and rest on the day of sanction of development plan.
2) 60% share in developed carpet area.
3) Performance Bank Guarantee equal to 30% of market valuation of total anticipated residential carpet area valued @ 100000 per sq.ft.

Description - Gut No.266 (old survey nos. 132 to 139) admeasuring 61 acres, 20.5 gunthas in total (i.e.; 248932 sq.mtrs., i.e.; 2679505 sq.ft.) situated at village Darave, Taluka and District Thane.
(now referred to as Seawoods, situated on Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai).

Location : Land spread between NRI Coastal Police Station, Navi Mumbai on its south, upto Air India Colony towards north, with Thane - Uran Highway towards its east and Palm Beach Road to Seawoods Railway Station road towards it's west.

* Status :

It's is a free-hold and deemed non-agrictural land situated within the territorial jurisdiction of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation as a local development authority, with base FSI of 1.0 and is consumable for any residential / commercial purpose. Its a mortgageable land, with the least reasonable market value of ₹3734 crores @ ₹150000 per

* TITLE SEARCH REPORT: 1) Shri Dinanath Ramchandra Tandel, who by being the gazetted, notified, land-revenue point of view well-recorded and till date, never-evicted Protected Tenant therein the said land since 26/03/1953 (the date of gazzete comprising of land consolidation scheme notification of village Darave published by the Settlement Commissioner and Director of Land Records - State's supreme land-revenue records certifying office) had lawfully deemed to have purchased, owned and possessed the said land w.e.f. 01/04/1957 i.e.; Tiller's Day, under the provisions of the Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1948.
2) Shri Prashant Dattatraya Bhat (r/o Vashi, Navi Mumbai) had permanently purchased rights, title and interests in the said land from one Shri Jairam Dinanath Tandel vide an Agreement of Assignment dtd. 20/01/2000 and further vide an Agreement to Sale dtd. 23/02/2006, who inherited the same from his aforesaid demised father Shri Dinanath Ramchandra Tandel.
3) Since 20/01/2000 till date, vide various correspondences with Government of Maharashtra's various concerned revenue offices and with Cidco Ltd. (an earlier false claimant of the said land), in spite of all being documentarily well-informed of the said land having been in continuous and uninterrupted lawful possession of Shri Prashant Dattatraya Bhat since the year 2000 and still, nobody having taken any legal steps to either deny his said claim or to evict him from the said land, thus confirms his sole lawful possession over the said land, thus automatically vesting the lawful title of the said land, in him.
4) On the contrary, during criminal investigation of an offence registered in the matter of partial misappropriation of the said land by Cidco by committing coercive criminal trespass thereon under the colorable exercise of powers; in December, 2013 itself, Cidco has documentarily denied it's possession over the said land and also denied it's concern with the false mutation entry no. 994, dtd.15/05/1988 of village Darave, fraudulently inserted by the then Talathi, Belapur; who by high-handedly quoting therein a documentarily non-existing and non-serialled alleged order of a non-notified, non-gazetted, non-existent alleged land acquisition officer, the 7/12 Form of the said land based whereon, fictitiously captions Cidco's entry in its Occupant column. However, Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has already repeatedly ruled that mutation entry is just for the sake of fiscal purpose and it neither confers nor alters nor extinguishes the existing title of a land. Thus, Cidco does not possess lawful title of the said land at all.
5) Special Land Acquisition Officer, Metro Centre No. 3, Thane has already documentarily informed of the said land not having been acquired for any public purpose.
6) Finally, Shri Prashant Dattatraya Bhat has served an elaborate notice dtd. 07/06/2018 to the Managing Director, Cidco Ltd. stating all the aforesaid, declaring his title over the said land and not retaliating thereto till date, Cidco has deemed to have corroborated therewith..!
7) Thus, Shri Prashant Dattatraya Bhat has remained the only claimant of the said land and holds its clear and marketable title.
It's is a free-hold and deemed non-agrictural land situated within the territorial jurisdiction of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation as a local development authority, with base FSI of 1.0 and is consumable for any residential / commercial purpose. Its a mortgageable land, with market value of ₹3734 crores @ ₹150000 per
Business Terms :
Sale of land at a negotiated value, in lump-sum.. Or in Joint Venture Development, ₹24706 per one-time, non-refundable, non-adjustable premium and 50% share in developed carpet area.